Traditional Oak Buildings

Traditional Oak Construction Ltd are specialists in timber buildings. There is a craft and an art to working in oak and other woods that can only be developed over time. Traditional Oak Construction Ltd combine this craftsmanship with an extensive history in the construction industry to create some of the most elegant and practical timber buildings on the market today.

WoodworkConcept & Design

Many of the processes involved in the planning and preparation stage are common for all timber constructions.

Traditional Oak Construction takes care of ground clearance, including removing existing structures / garages / stables as required. We incorporate plumbing, drainage, power, lighting and data/communication cabling as required.

All constructions are designed to meet stringent planning requirements and we oversee this whole process. We source all of our building materials from trusted and registered suppliers using local trades people and reclaimed materials wherever practical.

Traditional Oak Construction offers a great choice of finishes, colours and wood stains to our products. Our experienced builders add, extend or integrate driveways and courtyards in a wide range of styles for the perfect finish.

Cart Lodges / Car Barns

Cart LodgeIn other parts of the world cart lodges may be referred to as coach houses, timber garages or car barns.

Cart lodges or car barns from are traditional buildings, used for storing carts, coaches, saddlery and associated tools and equipment. Cart lodges can often be part of larger structures that incorporate stables, storage and haylofts.

In the 21st century, cart lodges have been reinvented for the cars we use today. In many instances, garages built in the 1920’s, 1930’s and more recently are no longer fit for purpose. Modern cars, 4×4’s and SUV’s that incorporate side impact protection are usually wider than older vehicles and do not fit in standard sized garages.

Cart lodges from Traditional Oak Construction are made to measure. They are crafted to accommodate any vehicle and are designed to include storage or work space on the same level or built into the loft area above.

Summer Houses, Garden Rooms and Workshops

Summer houses, garden rooms, pavilions, garden offices and workshops are timber framed buildings that enhance the beauty and function of any garden.

Every garden building created by Traditional Oak Construction is designed to reflect the personality and requirements of the client.

We create light and airy summer houses and garden structures that make the most of the natural light. All garden buildings are designed around strong environmental principals with energy efficient insulation built into the walls, windows, doors and roof spaces. We offer a range of environmentally friendly heating options while internal and external lighting enhances the beauty of natural wood.

Timber framed workshops provide practical space for hobbyist, home-workers, artists, builders, horticulturalists and designers. At Traditional Oak Construction, we have seen our buildings turned to wonderful and inspiring purposes.

StorageStables, Barns & Storage, Essex & Suffolk

Stables, barns and outdoors storage are designed to meet the specific needs of clients, horses and livestock.

Timber walls, joists, beams and rafters are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. There are many differences in the construction of stables, barns and outdoor storage from other outdoor building, including the use of concrete floors and hard standing areas, drainage requirements, reinforced doors, partitions, insulation and lighting & power requirements.

We create bespoke stables, tack rooms, animal shelters, barns and outdoor storage facilities that use timber, brick and roofing materials that blend in with the architectural style of surrounding buildings.

Gazebos, Car Barns, Decking & Arbours

Traditional Oak Construction create new designs, new features and construct effective solutions to longstanding problems. From simple car barns to intricate gazebos and arbours, we are always happy to discuss new plans and projects.

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